Ire of the Gods

December 4th, 2011

The session started out with Ttef Abob, Ivan Thunderbeard and Tengriden Shadowdeath heading into the underground lair of the Sere Leaf Druidic order that’s been working for Marganis. In true Scooby-Doo fashion, the three of them left the rest of the party outside standing watch as they descended into darkness. It didn’t take long for the trio to come to the first room in the subterranean network. Eager for another crack at the druid who narrowly escaped the group’s clutches last time, Ivan strode right into the room and set off the first trap.

As Ivan found himself dangling 15 feet above the floor in a net, the layout of the room became clear. It was magically enchanted to be as bright as a summer day, and was overgrown with lush vegetation. It was literally an underground jungle. As Tengriden set to work lowering a very annoyed dwarf to the ground, the three were set upon by four very unpleasant tigers that had been hiding in the brush. Ivan spent a good portion of the battle wrestling with a tiger from inside his net while Ttef and Tengriden engaged the remaining three on the ground. Ivan tried to keep up with healing from where he was, but the tigers fought ferociously and eventually Ttef Abob met his end. Seeing his ally go down, an enraged Ivan drew the power of his god into him and escaped from the net. Together, Ivan and Tengriden quickly dispatched the remaining tigers.

After searching the body of Ttef, Ivan realized that his fallen companion was carrying enough diamonds on him for Ivan to perform a ritual that could bring someone back from the dead. Ivan prayed that night to Torag for the ability to do so, and as the sun rose the next day Teff Abob rejoined the ranks of the living. The trio once again descended into the underground network and did some exploring. After locating an illusionary wall, bypassing a Wall of Force, and Shattering the lock on an adamantine door the adventurers three were hit by two traps in quick succession. The first, a Chain Lightning Spell, softened them up a bit but did no serious harm. The second summoned a massive Dire Tiger that immediately attacked. The beast was powerful, but it quickly fell to the concerted efforts of the ranger, the rogue and the cleric.

The three adventurers proceeded further until they saw a room occupied by scores of orcs, many with vicious werewolves held on leashes. As far as the adventurers can tell, they were not spotted. They decided to head back to the surface and rally their allies before charging into that room. Ivan, for one, plans to return and leave none alive.


Please sign these adventure logs, either with your character name or player name. I realize this is you Mart, but I’m just trying to establish precedent.

December 4th, 2011

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