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  • Prol Ventin

    Prol Ventin's desire to change the world in nature's image has led to a disturbing discovery, possibly giving him catastrophic means to see his vision realized. Having spoken openly about his dislike for Marganis, it has become plain that Ventin has …

  • Berillindra Foxheart

    Berillindra first hired the PCs to help her with a kobold problem. After the party proved themselves and saved her life, Berillindra's mistress, the goddess Sivanah, had other plans for them.

  • Sivanah

    Goddess of illusion magic, Sivanah has charged the PCs with halting theomancy before it's fully re-discovered. Why has Sivanah taken up this cause, and what does she sacrifice or gain to do it? "Sivanah - Pathfinder Wiki":http://pathfinder.wikia.com/ …

  • Hintis le'Jin

    Histins le'Jin joined the Order of the Sere Leaf only three years before his death. Disturbed at his own push for personal power in the past, Hintis noticed the same for the other mages in the Arcanamirium. Cleansing all ego that mages harbor seemed the …