The human side wants to invite you in for wine and coverstation while the half Orc side wants to bludgeon you with said bottle


Shifters Blessings

Form of the Jackal- The Ranger becomes thin and hyperactive, his movements take on a nervous spryness. Can move half of his speed with out provoking attacks of opportunity.

Form of the Bear- The rangers muscles enlarge and tighten and his facial features become more ursine. +4 bonus to strength but base speed is reduced to 20 feet.

Special Abilities and Weapons

Favored Enemies- Orcs, Monstrous Humanoid, Dwarves

Favored Terrain- Mountains, Swamp

Whirlwind Attack- Somebody turn on the blender…

Evasion- I got agility for days!

Wields an Great Sword of Thundering (1D8 on critical)


He grew up despising Orcs but interesting enough its his Orc blood that drives him in battle making him such a fierce opponent. Outside the battlefield Ttef is a well cultured individual who enjoys the finer things in life but again the Orc blood makes him extremely stubborn and once slighted WATCH OUT!

He is questing for answers on his current state as a shape shifter, why was he chosen to be given this gift?


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