Ire of the Gods

Meet you at the Crossroads

January 15, 2012 Session

Darkness. Everything had gone black like a candle snuffed out by the wind. I then had a feeling of absolutely, positively, waking up, very quickly and sufficiently. I had the sensation of normalcy; I had all my five senses, and they were extremely acute. All pain and pressure was gone. I felt I could see very clearly, but the problem was I saw nothing but absolute, total blackness.

No wings and harp. No tail and pitch-fork. No tunnel with a speck of light. This was death and just when I thought this was my fate Ivan Thunderbeard brought me back to the world of the living. My disdain for Dwarves is well documented but I am indebted to him for the releasing me from… limbo….

The grass looked so green and perfect and the sky albeit dark and cloudy was more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Never again will I take these things for granted. With my companions at my side we descended down the stairs back into the dungeon with the crafty Cyril taking point. I could never admit it to the group but as I took each step a small inkling of fear started to creep into the back of my head, returning to the place where you were killed will shake even the those with iron will. I was so preoccupied almost walked into the back of Ivan who was stopped in front of me because Cyril was disabling a trap. I take a few more steps as we all finally reach the landing and sitting about 30 feet in-front of us is a lone troll; Advantage us.

As Ugg and Ivan set the carcass of the troll on fire Cyril, Wjotek and myself continued down the tunnel as we came towards the end Cyril stopped and yelled “Crap!” We all soon found out why. Swarms of centipedes came pouring out of the wall. We all swung our weapons with force hard enough to cut most challengers in half but it had little effect. Then it seemed as if the swarms decided I would become the main target, as I tried to create space between myself and one swarm the other would just crawl on me. Perhaps Half Orcs produce a certain pheromone that is secreted during combat that attracts centipedes? More research will be done on this…

As I run back in forth in this tunnel Ivan and Cyril were able to team up and disperse the swarms using water and fire, I never thought the two went together but none could argue with the end result. Ivan used the power of his good to heal up those who were hurt by the centipedes and we moved on until we heard voices from around the corner. Ugg and myself recognized the voices were speaking Orc and this sent Ivan into a frenzy. Any attempt to formulate a plan other than decimating this group was now fruitless as Ivan cast a spell and proceeded to charge around the corner. Orcs aren’t my favorite group of people but I was suggesting a less forward approach but I digress.

This battle is blurry as I remember just bit and pieces as I swung at every enemy within reach but I vaguely remember seeing both a 15 foot Gorilla and Dwarf but it could have been a side effect of my battle frenzy. After the last Orc was dispatched we had three doors to choose from and ultimately decided to send Cyril to the room that was blocked by a stone wall since he could still climb on walls.

Cyril climbed over the wall and as we waited Ugg said he heard people talking so Wjotek lifted him up over the wall. About 20 minutes passed and Cyril came walking over the wall before dropping to the ground on his feet. The Druids that inhabit this dungeon said they have the power to release the “Destroyer of Worlds” from its slumber. Cyril also had written down the symbols that were on a massive door in the room as well. Wjotek was able to translate confirming what he had told us.

I cannot help but think that if they had the power to do so then it would have been done already, they must be waiting on something…



Ttef has proven himself a friend and ally to Ivan, so you don’t owe him anything for returning you to life. However if you feel indebted to him, just keep swinging that greatsword like it’s your business and we’ll call it even!

Meet you at the Crossroads

Keep sending those healing bursts and you got a deal

Meet you at the Crossroads

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