Ire of the Gods

May, 2012

May’s session picked up right where we left off and launched us into the action. The Druids of the Sere Leaf had been waiting for us to come back up to their lair from the deep caverns below. Still angry about our enemies using an ancient Dwarven city in their schemes, Ivan wasted few words on the Druid leader Prol. He was a traitor to everything it was to be a Dwarf! Both sides knew that only one party could leave this place alive, and neither side was about to pull any punches.

Realizing that he and his allies were outnumbered and outgunned, Ivan started the fight with one of his most powerful spells. The Blade Barrier effectively split the room in two, as no one on either side wanted to take the chance of passing through. From that point on it turned into a magical battle, with Ivan throwing Flame Strikes and Searing Lights into the enemy ranks while they hurled Fireballs and Fire Storms back at us. Our bard (I’m sorry I can’t remember his name, and I don’t see him listed on the site) added his own talents to the fun by singing a rousing hymn of battle and sending a destructive Shout spell through the barrier at our enemies. Cyril, whom Ivan still doesn’t trust, and the enemy warrior were content to fire arrows and crossbow bolts back and forth rather than step through the Blade Barrier.

As both sides took heavy damage, Ivan managed to keep everyone in our party alive. Maintaining the offensive pressure on the enemy and simultaneously healing our group, however, was extremely taxing on Ivan’s reserves of healing energy. At this point, Prol decided to cast a spell that I like to call a ‘game changer.’ Pointing at Ivan, he uttered the words of a Finger of Death spell, and only Ivan’s Dwarven resistance to magic saved him from being slain outright. Ivan returned fire with a Searing Light, finishing the leader of the Sere Leaf. Then it was a simple matter of finishing off the enemy wizard, the only enemy left standing at this point. The fight was complicated when the wizard entangled Ivan with a Black Tentacles spell, which we will never speak of again, but our Bard was able to dispel that effect allowing Ivan to hurl a warhammer through the air and put a final end to the Sere Leaf druidic order.

Immediately following the battle, our party was visited by the goddess Calistria. She informed us that the gods had formed a council, and wished us to cease our efforts in opposing Marganis. She said that we were instead to aid Marganis in the resurrection of Theomancy with the end goal of returning the faith of the people of Golarion to the gods. Ivan, of course, doesn’t trust this wench half as far as he can throw her. He knows full well that she is the goddess of trickery, lust and revenge. The session ended with Ivan making plans to destroy the rather substantial quantity of Astricite now in his possession, and his companions keeping watch at the door while he prayed.

-Ivan Thunderbeard



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