Ire of the Gods

June, 2012

June’s session began with Ivan deep in prayer. Using a Commune spell to send a message to his god, Ivan informed Torag of his plan to destroy the astracite and asked his deity to deny the spells that Ivan was about to cast if it truly was Torag’s wish to aid Marganis. A few moments later, Ivan succeeded in sending the astracite to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Torag allowing him to do so confirmed Ivan’s suspicions about Calistria, and gave Ivan just one more reason to cave in Marganis’s skull.

With the astracite disposed of, the group was debating what their next course of action should be. Cyril then shared with the rest of us a vision he had received while keeping watch for Ivan that showed our wizard friend Berillindra Foxheart in captivity and badly beaten. I still don’t trust Cyril, but our Dwarven Bard had the same vision. More than that, we had nothing better to go on! Combining magical abilities with the group Sorcerer, Ivan was able to Scry on Berillindra and send a Message to her to find out where she was located. Her reply was less than thrilling. She was being held in a dungeon within a city comprised of many people claiming hellish ancestry and entirely devoted to the goddess Calistria. Not one to be deterred, Ivan negotiated ships passage for the group with the good Captain Artemis of the Sea Spray.

The ocean voyage was uneventful, and we quickly arrived at the docks of Cheliax. Asking around for a temple to Calistria led us to a brothel. Considering that Calistria is the goddess of lust, none of us were surprised. Bluffing his way past the fiendish madame, Ivan was led into the basement and was able to find the cell containing Berillindra. Cyril and Ttef were able to provide a diversion upstairs, though Ivan doesn’t know the details of how or why the two of them would pick a fight by themselves in a house of devils. Nonetheless, their actions allowed Ivan to Plane Shift with the sorcerer and Berillindra to the Positive Energy Plane where she quickly recovered from her injuries. Ivan then used a Dismissal spell in a very unorthodox fashion to send himself back to the Material Plane, where he arrived just in time to offer healing to the battered Ttef and Cyril. They dispatched the fiendish madame, and then the entire group made a mad dash for the docks where the Sea Spray awaited. Captain Artemis was not pleased to have us arrive with a mob of devilish pursuers close behind, and Ivan plans to compensate him for his inconvenience when time allows. We made our escape from Cheliax across the sea, at which point Ivan used Plane Shift again to retrieve his sorcerer and wizard friends from the Plane of Positive Energy. We left off debating our next course of action aboard the Sea Spray, more determined than ever to find Marganis and see him undone.

-Ivan Thunderbeard


Cyril and Ttef were able to provide a diversion upstairs

You make it sound like it was on purpose, lol!

June, 2012

Only because of Ivan’s Dwarven sensibilities lol! If it was an accident, it was one monumental screw up. If it was on purpose, however, it could be seen as pure strategic genius! Ivan respects someone who will walk right in the front door and stick their finger in the enemy’s eye, even at great risk to themselves! And it DID allow Ivan and A.C. to accomplish the goal of rescuing our wizard friend.

June, 2012

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