Ire of the Gods

Feb. 26th, 2012

After camping out in the Green Room at the end of January’s session, Ivan Thunderbeard and pals woke up refreshed and ready to continue their foray into the lair of the Sere Leaf druidic order. We mean business now. Knowing the druids’ plan to destroy all civilization, our adventuring band called in all guns. We gathered our full number and pressed forward.

The first room we came to was rather unmentionable at first glance. However, Ttef Abob was suspicious of a dark alcove off to the side of the room. Upon closer examination, narrowly avoiding a pit trap in the process, he discovered an altar of some sort. It was overgrown with vines and contained a large book that referenced the summoning and control of denizens of the elemental planes. Ivan was about to set the dead vines wrapped around the altar on fire when he noticed Cyril approaching and examining a door on the room’s north wall. Strongly suspecting where that course of action was leading, Ivan made a hasty retreat a short distance down the nearest hallway. His caution was proven warranted when a bolt of searing white lightning shot through the room a few moments later. Rather than being glad that he had taken the precaution of leaving the room, Ivan just narrowed his eyes. Was Cyril TRYING to get someone killed?! I still don’t trust him.

At this point, Wjotek discovered a hidden door on the southeast corner of the room. He managed to open it and peer down the tunnel beyond, but wisely chose not to explore that avenue too far as several other party members were displaying the attention span of a fruit fly and wandering down the northern tunnel out of the room. Ivan just shook his head and held his position in the room. He wasn’t leaving Ttef or Wjotek behind. Ug, the half-orc, also stayed close to Ivan, having apparently taken a liking to the Dwarf that made Ivan’s skin crawl. It was just unnatural.

After all the party members gathered, the group proceeded down the northern tunnel. Temperatures dropped drastically as we descended into the earth, and the Dwarves among us could tell that we were well over a thousand feet below the surface. Eventually we came to a gigantic cavern. It was so vast that even those of us with Darkvision couldn’t see the other side. Ivan cast Light on a crossbow bolt and launched it into the darkness hoping to gauge the size of the cavern. A shadow moving in the light 800 feet ahead of them was all the party’s new sorcerer friend needed to start the fireworks. He began hurling fire down the cavern, even going so far as to make the very ground erupt into molten stone and ash. It was quite the impressive show, and the rest of the group wasted no time in following his lead. Our heroic charge across the cavern brought us face to face with an Earth Elemental, which quickly fell to our combined strength.

Pressing forward, the group came to what appeared to be a ruined ancient Dwarven city. Cyril did some scouting and found a basement of some sort with a ritual taking place. A master wizard and several acolytes were using a huge, probably Elder, Earth Elemental to summon more Elementals. That explained how Marganis was able to have so many of the Elementals excavating and carrying wagons for him. Angry about all the trouble Marganis has caused with his scheming, and furious that these men had the gall to use an ancient Dwarven hold in such a way, Ivan couldn’t have cared less about stealth or tactics. He drew his weapon and stomped down the stairs to say hello. Following his lead, the rest of the group charged into the room. Ivan blinded the enemy wizard with a spell to severely limit the wizards spell choices, while Giles and Wjotek began ripping into him with oversized fury. Cyril snuck around to find an advantageous position from which to strike. Our new Dwarven bard sang a rousing battle hymn that lifted Ivan’s heart to greater glory, and Ug just wanted everyone to be friends. There’s something wrong with him. Anyway, the wizard and his acolytes fell in a matter of seconds. When the wizard fell, however, the magic binding the Elder Elemental failed and it set upon the group. The beast was terrible and mighty, but proved to be no match for the sustained assault of our group. Ivan was healing the damage faster than the elemental could dish it out, and it too soon fell. We ended the session there, but Ivan is eager to continue next time. The Destroyer of Worlds must not be set loose, and Marganis must not be allowed to access Theomancy. We have work to do!

-Ivan Thunderbeard


as several other party members were displaying the attention span of a fruit fly and wandering down the northern tunnel out of the

That was pretty funny. The earth elemental was admittedly a little easier than I had planned. There are so many PCs that I need to take that into account more than the GameMastery Guide suggests. I think there were 8 PCs. That’s effectively two fully parties. I’ll have to play around with doubling CRs. The standard APL+1 (for 6+ PCs) +2 (for hard encounters) doesn’t work well.

Feb. 26th, 2012

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